Laurent Jouanneau
Live near Paris,


Consultant & Senior Software Engineer

Strong skills

Work experience

Since June 2010

Co-owner of a company, InnoPhi

I founded a company with other colleagues. We provide services for customers: audit, project support, development, training. And we work mainly with these technologies: Web standards, PHP, Python, Mozilla technologies, ActionScript.

Since October 2009

Temporary teacher at University of Evry (France)

Each year, during few days, I teach about Mozilla technologies, to MIAGE students (second year Master in computer science).

From February 2009 to May 2010

Senior Software Engineer at Zoomorama

With an other colleague, I created a ZML/CSS wysiwyg editor, ZoomCreator2, by using Mozilla technologies and Flash. ZML is a specific XML format for zoomable documents used by the browser of Zoomorama. This browser was developed entirely in ActionScript 3 (Flash). It implements XML, CSS and exposes a DOM into the HTML page. It allows to navigate and zoom on ZML documents and images. ZoomCreator2 offered the possibility to publish zoomable documents on the hosting platform provided by Zoomorama.

From June 2004 to February 2009

Senior Software Engineer at Disruptive Innovations

Software development using the Mozilla platform. Disruptive Innovations is a member of W3C.

From October 1999 to June 2004

Software Engineer at Aston

Aston was a services company in computer science (It doesn't exist anymore).

October 1996 to october 1998

UAP-AXA insurances

Analyst programmer, alternately with my studies (special contract with the university). I worked on programs in COBOL (IBM ES 9000 mainframe).


MIAGE (master's degree in computer science), alternately with my job at UAP. Université Paris XI (at Orsay).
DUT informatique (Computer science degree), specialization in system programming and networks, Université Paris XI (at Orsay).
Unfinished studies on electronics engineering and industrial computer science.
Bac C (Mathematics and Physics Baccalaureate)


Extracurricular activities

I began to develop in 1986, and worked not only on many personnal projects, but also on some public projects. Here are my activities these last years.

Contributions on the Mozilla project
Mozilla code contributor, during my spare time or during my working time for the needs of my professionnal project. Some of these contributions are for example, improvements on the XUL template engine, support of Sqlite in XUL templates, improvements on the XML and the XHTML serializer.
Founder of the french web site, created in october 2003, and Xulfr association founder and president, created in january 2007. Activities: tech-evangelism, documentation and french translations of some tutorials, online help for french developers (forums, IRC), conferences...
Since 2004, I give Mozilla platform conferences during some open-source software events in France like Libr'east, JDLL, Solutions Linux...
I was a member of the association Mozilla-Europe (dissolved in 2012). I help on Mozilla booth during events like Fosdem, Solutions Linux etc...
Web standards "evangelism"
Co-founder with Tristan Nitot and 9 others people, of Openweb, a web site created in 2003 dedicated to web standards, with tutorials and articles.
I gave conferences about web standards, during some events like Paris-Web. I published also on my blog, news about web standard, articles on HTML5, CSS3...
Jelix, a PHP Framework
Since January 2006, I develop Jelix, a PHP framework I created, and used by little and huge loaded web sites.
Other activities
Diving, Swimming, Photography, Travels, Sailing

Technical skills

Mozilla Technologies: XUL, XBL, Javascript 1.9, XPCOM C++.
W3C Web standards: HTML 4.01/5, XHTML 1.x/5, CSS 2/3, XML, DOM, RDF, SVG, XML-Schema, XSLT, XPath
Other: RelaxNG, XML-RPC, "AJAX" technics, Dynamic HTML, jQuery etc.
C/C++, PHP 4/5, SQL.
GNU/Linux, MacOS X, MS Windows.
Mercurial, Git, Subversion, Apache, MySQL, PostGreSql, MongoDb, Node.js, Bind, Samba...
In the past...
JAVA, assembler, ASP VBscript, Win32 C++ programming, XWindows programming, several RDBMS, CVS...