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lundi, mai 2 2016

Release of SlimerJS 0.10

I'm pleased to announce the release of SlimerJS 0.10!

SlimerJS is a scriptable browser. It is a tool like PhantomJS except it is based on Firefox and and it is not (yet) "headless" (if some Mozillians could help me to have a true headless browser ;-)...).

This new release brings new features and compatibility with Firefox 46. Among of them:

  • support of PDF export
  • support of Selenium with a "web driver mode"
  • support of stdout, stderr and stdin streams with the system module
  • support of exit code with phantom.exit() and slimer.exit()
  • support of node_modules with require()
  • support of special files (/dev/* etc) with the fs module

This version fixes also many bugs and conformance issues with PhantomJS 1.9.8 and 2.x. It fixed also some issues to run CasperJS 1.1.

See change details in release notes. As usual, you can download SlimerJS from the download page.

Note that there isn't anymore "standalone edition" (with embedding of XulRunner), because Mozilla ceased to maintain and build XulRunner. Only the "lightweight" edition is available from now, and you must install Firefox to run SlimerJS.

Consider this release as a "1.0pre". I'll try to release in few weeks the next major version, 1.0. It will only fix bugs found in 0.10 (if any), and will implement last few features to match the PhantomJS 2.1 API.

lundi, août 18 2014

Release of SlimerJS 0.9.2

Few days ago, I released a minor version of SlimerJS, my scriptable browser based on XulRunner: SlimerJS 0.9.2.

If you discover my project: this is a browser which is controlled by a script, not by a human. So it has no user interface. In fact this is a browser like PhantomJS, which proposes the same API as PhantomJS. But it is based on Gecko, not on Webkit. See my previous post about the start of the project.

This new version fixes some bugs and is now compatible with Gecko/Firefox/Xulrunner 31.

Next big work on SlimerJS:

  • fix last issues that prevent GhostDriver to work well with SlimerJS
  • support Marionette(
  • try to implement remote debugging, to allow to debug your script from Firefox Dev Tools
  • try to have a true headless browser (so to have a browser without visible windows)

Help is welcomed, See you on Github ;-)

lundi, juillet 15 2013

Tada! Here is SlimerJS!

Once upon a time, on the december 10th, 2012, I discovered CasperJS and PhantomJS and this was the beginning of a great history....

Lire la suite...

dimanche, avril 1 2012

jsDatasource, a component for XUL templates

I just released publicly a new version of a component : jsDatasource.

This component allows to use javascript objects as datasource for XUL templates. You can use it in your own extension or XUL applications. It becomes easy to use XUL templates with js datasources!

I started this component in 2009, for a software, ZoomCreator, when I worked for Zoomorama. Even if it was written under a free licence, I didn't release it at this time (well, I had so much work..). And for a recent customer project, I need it with some improvements, like the support of recursion or the support of sorting. So I improved it, and I just open a public repository :-)

I hope it will help some XUL developers :-)

jeudi, mai 28 2009

Commit access on Mozilla repositories

After 5 years of Mozilla hacking, and some patches accepted and landed into the Mozilla trunk, I finally asked yesterday an access to commit on Mercurial repositories of Mozilla. And this request has been granted ! Youhouuu !

For me, it's a sort of gratefulness from the other contributors :-) Thank you Mozilla !