Etna 0.2.5 is released. Beside the 0.2 version, this version fixes some bugs on the RelaxNG parser and on the validator. It adds also a default stylesheet to edit xml document.

Etna is a "graphic" XML editor : you can edit XML document like you can do with HTML documents in Nvu or Mozilla Composer. Before editing a document, you have to register the corresponding RelaxNg schema into Etna.

You can use also some relaxNG pattern extensions in your schema, in order to improve the user experience, and to help Etna to edit your documents.

Etna is built on Gecko 1.7 and it is a Mozilla standalone application like Firefox, Nvu, Thunderbird etc. The core of the editor is based on the nsEditor component of Gecko.

Because it is a Mozilla application, you can develop XUL extensions and themes for Etna, especially some extensions which provides a schema and its specifics UI components. You can try for example the "tinydoc" extension, which provides a sample schema...

This version is a preview release. Some UI features are still missing, and there are still some bugs. For example, the RelaxNG parser doesn't like the docbook relaxNG schema or the xhtml relaxNG schema. But I'm working on it :-)