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vendredi, mai 5 2006

First launch of Etna with gecko 1.8

This is a very first version of Etna, based on Xulrunner sources. For the moment, only the chrome works. I haven' t built the validator or others of my components, and my patch on the libeditor, to add the xml version of nsEditor, is not applied. But i hacked some file of the mozilla build system (, etc.) and i think i have done a clean job on it now (compared to my previous work with gecko 1.7 sources). So now i can set in my mozconfig file :

mk_add_options MOZ_CO_PROJECT=etna
ac_add_options --enable-application=etna

(well, etna is not in the mozilla repository, so perhaps the first line is useless, i'm not sure..). And there is now this flag :

 ac_add_options --enable-xml-editor

So the build will contain the xml version of the libeditor. It is enabled by default for Etna, and this could be used for other projects :-)

jeudi, avril 27 2006

Etna 0.3.1

I released a new version of Etna, our wysiwyg XML editor. This 0.3.1 version fixes tons of bugs on the RelaxNG parser and on the validator. In fact, i rewrote my test case engine, to use the Jame Clark's RelaxNG test suite. With this test suite, included in a new version of my RelaxNG validator extension, i discovered many bugs and fixed them. Another consequence, is that i finished to implement all the Relax NG patterns, so the support of RelaxNG is complete. However, there are still few minor bugs, but Etna 0.3.1 is more stable than 0.3...

There isn't any new feature, except that you can provide now your own datatype library. I will write a documentation on that.

I'm working now on the UI, on the editor API (for the extensions). I will work also on a new web site with a forum, and i will perhaps begin a migration to Gecko 1.8.

lundi, février 27 2006

Docbook files

In order to test the internal validator of Etna with the docbook schema, i would like to find many docbook files (normal or huge, but not some little examples). Please tell me if you have got such files or if you know where to find some :-) Thanks.

vendredi, février 10 2006

Etna for MacOS X

It works now ;-)

Next release : next week.

lundi, janvier 23 2006

Improvements on Etna

Since the 0.2.5 release, i have worked on the UI and on the RelaxNg parser.

Lire la suite...

lundi, décembre 19 2005

Etna 0.2.5

Etna 0.2.5 is released. Beside the 0.2 version, this version fixes some bugs on the RelaxNG parser and on the validator. It adds also a default stylesheet to edit xml document.

Etna is a "graphic" XML editor : you can edit XML document like you can do with HTML documents in Nvu or Mozilla Composer. Before editing a document, you have to register the corresponding RelaxNg schema into Etna.

You can use also some relaxNG pattern extensions in your schema, in order to improve the user experience, and to help Etna to edit your documents.

Etna is built on Gecko 1.7 and it is a Mozilla standalone application like Firefox, Nvu, Thunderbird etc. The core of the editor is based on the nsEditor component of Gecko.

Because it is a Mozilla application, you can develop XUL extensions and themes for Etna, especially some extensions which provides a schema and its specifics UI components. You can try for example the "tinydoc" extension, which provides a sample schema...

This version is a preview release. Some UI features are still missing, and there are still some bugs. For example, the RelaxNG parser doesn't like the docbook relaxNG schema or the xhtml relaxNG schema. But I'm working on it :-)

vendredi, juin 24 2005

My first patch on the mozilla trunk

My current project is an XML wysiwyg editor, based on Composer/Firefox. It will include a RelaxNG validator and I need a library to validate values against XML Schema datatype. Fortunately, I found a such library in the mozilla trunk, in the schema-validation extension developped by Doron Rosenberg. It is used by the XForms extension.

However, I can't use the main class (nsSchemaValidator.cpp) as is because it depends on other components that i don't need. So I move all method I want (IsValid* and Validate*) to my own class.

With my own test suite, I found some bug on this methods (the schema-validation extension is still in developpement). So I fixed them, and then I proposed a patch on bugzilla.

This patch contains only few lines of code. But this is my first patch for the mozilla project and so, this is a great moment for me :-)

jeudi, décembre 9 2004


Thanks for your letter Stephan ! And Merry Christmas to you too :-)

mardi, septembre 7 2004

Validated teasing

screenshot an other screenshot

mercredi, août 18 2004


Imagine you have some javascript data. And imagine you need to generate some xul tags from this data. The traditionnal way is to use DOM objects, with document.createElement, and setAttribute, appendChild method etc... If you have many data, the amount of code to write could be high. Very high. And it becomes difficult to debug it, to have a general view of your xml tree that you generate etc.

Another way is to use the jsTemplateBuilder object.

Lire la suite...

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